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Lake Martin Airport

Gracen Jules has begun project planning for a privately-owned/public-use airport to serve Lake Martin in Alabama.  The airport is projected for the east side of the lake with easy access to Auburn University and other area attractions.


The airport will feature a 4,500’ lighted asphalt runway (4,000’ available take-off and landing distance), full-length taxiway, FAA-published GPS Approach, and an upscale FBO with ample lobby/reception, courtesy cars, full-serve/self-serve fuel, long-term vehicle parking, transient aircraft storage, and a large aircraft porte cochere for covered aircraft arrivals and departures.


The Lake Martin Airport will also feature a “market first” in offering privately owned hangar lots.  No airport ground leases and lease-end building returns, just long-term hangar development and ownership. 


All hangar lots to be sold prior to airport construction, and buyers can purchase multiple lots towards hangar builds and/or tenant leases.  The Airport will construct all taxilanes, taxiway connectors and vehicle access gates.

Visit Lake Martin Airport to preview the project and reserve your hangar lots!

*Lake Martin Airport to be developed by Gracen Jules LLC, an aviation venture firm based in New Orleans.  Airport property acquisition is pending, and the airport development is contingent on ALDOT/FAA approvals and certifications.  Gracen Jules LLC does not represent, warrant or guarantee that the airport will be constructed as described above and will only proceed with airport construction if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the airport property acquisition, development conditions and ALDOT/FAA project requirements are acceptable, and enough hangar lots have been sold to proceed with airport construction.

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