Private Air


Our founder Jay Taffet is a long-time pilot, and he's parlayed his love for aviation into venture and real estate development focused on private air facilities (FBOs), hangar builds, air charter, and  scheduled air shuttles.

We have won a portfolio of airport concessions for FBO and hangar build projects, and opened new markets for on-demand air charter as well as affordable, private air-style, direct shuttle services to companion markets (*Learn more about the shuttle service and how it can support your home airport here).

There's a constellation of regulatory and operating nuances associated with aviation ventures, but we've "cracked the code" and can help you navigate the airport and FAA terrain for your project. 

We also do select
aircraft acquisitions and brokerage representations for clients - pistons through jets - and have had long-term success in sourcing, negotiating, and transacting all types of buy/sell projects.  We enjoy the aircraft transaction environment, and manage each opportunity towards optimizing the results for both sides of the process.


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