Our founder Jay Taffet is a long-time pilot, and he's parlayed his love for aviation into venture development focused on aircraft acquisition and sales, charter service startups, aircraft management, and aviation facility builds.

We have won a portfolio of airport concessions for FBO and hangar build projects, and opened new markets for on-demand and scheduled air charter. 


We also manage underemployed aircraft towards cost-effective flight operations, and support aircraft buyers with specialized acquisition services.

We believe aircraft acquisition is a venture, just like any startup, and requires a solid foundation of “numbers” to identify the optimum aircraft platform, ownership investment and operating logistics. 


We’ve captured the entire acquisition process in a friendly-formatted Excel workbook and data-associated Word-based contract form (for potential Dry-Lease scenarios) that we call “The Aircraft Acquisition Model”. 


You can access and use the model for free here.

There's a constellation of regulatory and operating nuances associated with aviation ventures, but we've "cracked the code" and can help you navigate the airport requirements, FAA rules and transaction logistics associated with your project. 


Let's connect to see how we can help!

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