Our founder Jay Taffet is a long-time pilot, and he's parlayed his love for aviation into venture development focused on FBOs, hangar builds, air charter startups, and aircraft transactions.

We have won a portfolio of airport concessions for FBO and hangar build projects, and opened new markets for on-demand air charter. 


We also manage all types of aircraft transactions, with a special focus on rehoming challenged aircraft towards a second chance at flight. 


We believe there is an owner for every aircraft, regardless of maintenance status, cosmetics or airworthiness, and we actively search for the right aircraft-buyer fit towards making a placement.  More information here.

There's a constellation of regulatory and operating nuances associated with aviation ventures, but we've "cracked the code" and can help you navigate the airport requirements, FAA rules and transaction logistics associated with your project. 

Let's connect to see how we can help!

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