Baby Boom 2020


We love the parent and family space, and have developed a portfolio of unique ventures projected for near-term market debut.

Spittle Mate:  A specialty burp cloth, featuring front and back sash-like panels and shoulder-arm flaps for full-body coverage and unrestricted movement, and a soft cotton surface and reverse flannel lining for baby-burper comfort.

Pixie Pryor:  The quintessential plush toy companion for both girls and boys, with big eyes, large snout, and a soft, huggable body in 24” and 12” models.

Baby Burrito:  Fun, pocket-sized handbook for expecting daddies, a “daddy primer” that playfully demystifies the labor, delivery, homecoming, and first few months of daddyhood.

Gracen Jules Spittle Mate Feature March
Pixie Prior Plush_8.5x11-01.jpg
Baby Burrito Pocket Book Cover May 2020.
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