• Jay Taffet | Gracen Jules

The word entrepreneurship has morphed into a post-industrial age definition of “setting up a business and taking a risk towards generating profit.” While that may be true in our conventional understanding of entrepreneurship, it’s a very narrow interpretation of the instinct and industry of an entrepreneur.

The history of the world is rooted in entrepreneurship. Every structure, invention, process and philosophy throughout time has been the product of an entrepreneur’s vision and inspiration. There is a “someone” behind everything we see and perceive in our world.

There is a creator behind every creation.

Yes, government and society, and community and movements, have annexed a lot of what has been created towards collective ownership, but the genesis of all of it came from someone who had an idea.

Put another way, inspiration is individual and creation is collective. It takes one person to conceive it, and a community to build it, whether for the common or commercial good.

The “conceiver” is the entrepreneur, and the nature of the entrepreneur is rooted in inspiration, ideas, and the innate need to create.

It’s not a vocation or occupation, or even a commitment. It’s a genetic hard-wiring in the entrepreneur that requires the freedom to be inspired, and the opportunity to create it.

Freedom and inspiration. Opportunity and creation.

And just like left brain/right brain people, the entrepreneur can be an entrepreneur in just one of these hemispheres and be fulfilled.

The entrepreneur needs to see and present the big possibilities to fulfill genetic destiny, and, if the vision is already in place, create the opportunity and momentum to bring the possibilities into this world.

Sure, there are fully integrated entrepreneurs that have the timing and access to both see and create, but that’s not necessary for an entrepreneur to be an entrepreneur.

That’s what I learned after two “big ideas” over the past fifteen years.

Four years developing each one towards fully capitalized venture plans, and both derailed by circumstances. The first by vice (MBS Meltdown), and the second by virus (Covid Pandemic), but I was still unexpectedly – and genuinely – fulfilled as an entrepreneur.

I had sacrificed mountains of time and treasure to create the possibilities that I saw, only to be derailed by timing, but I walked away fulfilled that I had successfully created the plan to share the inspiration with the world.

Being an entrepreneur is not just about profit and position. It’s about seeing the world as it could be, and sharing with the world the vision of how it gets there.

If it’s meant to be, it’s a journey of inspiration, vision and creation. If it’s not, it’s a gift of possibility we give the world that can be created in another time.

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