Jay with Gracen Jules placed a contract to purchase my Saratoga at full asking price, but the buyer he was representing ultimately dropped out.  Jay approached me after the deal fell through and offered to sell my plane for $50,000 higher than I was asking for it.  I didn't believe it was possible, but I gave him a shot and he came back to me a few days later with a full price offer!  Jay closed the transaction very quickly and I couldn't be happier with the price and process he managed for me.

Gary E., Mississippi


We were just getting into the market to find high-performance piston aircraft when we found Gracen Jules.  They were able to find two off-market Piper Saratoga HPs that were perfect for our flightline within days of our contact, and delivered the planes to us with a detailed inspection, aircraft upgrades, and even custom aircraft covers and service supplies!  We have found a true partner in Gracen Jules, and we look forward to a long-term partnership as we continue to grow our fleet for both our flight school and upcoming Part 135 air charter service.

Harlan H., Georgia

It's been a pleasure working with Jay on my aircraft ownership program and hangar project.  He is experienced, concise, efficient, and fun!  As a fellow pilot and an aviation entrepreneur, Jay has a unique macro/micro perspective on the aviation industry, plus a special business development skill set for advancing aviation.

 John M., North Carolina 


Jay is very pleasant, extremely professional, very attentive, and exceeded my expectations in every aspect of the transaction.

 Todd B., South Carolina


Jay did an outstanding job of drafting a complicated purchase, relocation and ferry agreement for our aircraft transaction.  The process was complicated by Covid issues and a winter freeze that shut down the FAA for a week but Jay got us to the finish line.  I would not hesitate to utilize Jay’s services in the future!

Fred L., California


Being first-timers purchasing an aircraft, the process was daunting, but we were pleasantly surprised as to how smoothly the process went.  Jay’s communication and guidance made the process seamless!

 Rob P., Louisiana


I appreciate Jay’s efficiency, professionalism, and perseverance.  We would certainly work with Jay on any aircraft project we might be involved with in the future. 

 Charlie H., Alabama


In all the years I have been doing this, the process of purchasing my aircraft was hands down the easiest and most stress-free transaction I ever had.  Jay went above and beyond in post-transaction arrangements for facilities, equipment and logistics with the FBO.

 Don D., Georgia