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Youth Programs

The founder of Gracen Jules is a daddy of two young girls who love being in the air, and is committed to introducing aviation to other school-age children in the Greater New Orleans area


We offer a no-cost program called “Touch-A-Plane” where kids can crawl around a private plane and watch aircraft take-off and land at Lakefront Airport.  The program is open to local schools and can be scheduled throughout the year.


Additionally, there is no flying scheduled at the “Touch-A-Plane” events for school liability purposes, but, if our schedule permits, we’re happy to plan local orientation flights for kids and their parents that have attended the ground program. 


There is no cost for these “First Flights” – it is our pleasure to make them happen for future young aviators!

Reach out to explore a "Touch-A-Plane" event for your school!

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