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Charitable Aviation Foundation

The Charitable Aviation Foundation is a 501c3 public charity which provides funds for volunteer pilot organizations engaged in compassionate airlift and public benefit flights for people, patients, animals and communities.
There are around 100 volunteer pilot organizations (VPOs) around the country that operate 50,000+ compassionate airlift and public benefit flights each year towards patient transport, animal rescue, disaster airlift, community support and conservation monitoring.
The Foundation raises money from aviation and non-aviation companies and individuals to provide funding for these VPOs towards hiring contract staff to manage community outreach and pilot networks, and purchase software and equipment to optimize pilot recruitment and mission management.
The Charitable Aviation Foundation funds these VPOs by issuing grants based on stated need and detailed funding applications, and the Foundation only supports nonprofit volunteer pilot groups that meet or exceed the organizational standards established by the Air Care Alliance, the industry leading advocate for public benefit flying.
The Foundation has two levels of financial partnership -Jetstream and Blue Sky - and prospective Foundation financial partners can learn more about the charitable aviation space and donation opportunity at

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