We offer a very personalized piston aircraft leasing program designed to facilitate affordable and convenient access to your choice of aircraft.
Aircraft leasing options for flight schools, flying clubs, individual pilots, pilot partnerships, and air charter operators.  No capital outlay to begin your lease!

Program Highlights
1.  We're focused on 6-seat, high-performance Pipers - Cherokee Six and Saratoga II HP. 

2.  We find and acquire the Aircraft based on your target specs, and we’ll pay for avionics upgrades if required.

3.  We provide you a range of Minimum Flight Hours per Month and Lease Rate options to choose from in configuring your lease. 

4.  Rolling 3-month Minimum Flight Hour reconciliations to allow for seasonality in Aircraft operations.  Unlimited and discounted additional flight hours.


5.  We pay for Insurance for all Aircraft uses - flight training, flying clubs, Part 135 charter, etc.

6.  Factory-remanufactured, 0-Hour engine replacement at TBO in lieu of a prolonged field overhaul.  Prop and magneto overhauls also included.

7.  We deliver the Aircraft with a very thorough Annual inspection, dynamic prop balancing, professional detailing, passenger door vent window installation, PDF-converted logs and POH, and new Aircraft storage/service supplies, including custom canopy cover, cowl plugs, yoke gust lock and pitot cover.

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